Highlights of the meeting of policy making of the best practices conducted on reducing risk in disasters
Sunday, February 28, 2016

The meeting of the policy making of best practices was conducted in 23 December 2015 in Tehran, Iran. The meeting was held with presence of Dr. Shekarchizade, the president of BHRC, Dr. Safarzade, Research vice-presidency, Dr. Raheb, the head of Research Institute of Architecture and Urban Development in BHRC and scientific committee member. Other Scientific Committee members who attended the meeting were: Dr. Beytollahi, the head of Research Institte of Building and Construction in BHRC, Dr. Moghadam, Dr. Bahreyni, Dr. Falahi, Dr. Hosseiniyoon, Ms. Nozari, Mr. Ghasem Zade. Also, the executive committee members attending the meeting were: Ms. Shirvani, Mr. Rafi Zade, Mr. Dehhaghi, Mr. Daee Nejad, Mr. Alizamani, Mr. Miri and Mr. Eftekhari.
Introducing the secretariat and its organizational structure, deciding on the themes and objectives of the best practices, content and design of the website, inviting organizations and research institutes to participate, etc. were among the main issues discussed in the meeting.
Additionally, it was agreed to categorize the themes according to the measurements conducted before and after disaster occurrence. Furthermore, as the secretariat is one of international entity, it is of utmost importance to invite committee members from Asia-Oceania countries to participate in the meetings via video conferences.
It was also suggested to conduct the project in total coordination with Indonesia, which is the head of the workgroup, and India as the General Secretariat of APMCHUD

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