The secretariat for the Best Practices of Disaster Risk Reduction in Asia Pacific Countries aims at providing an opportunity for sharing successful experiences conducted in Asia Pacific countries in reduction of disaster risk. The secretariat aims at knowledge enrichment in the field and not merely recording observations.

The best practices or in the other words “initiative or good practices” are those ones which are conducted and resulted in positive outcomes and at the same time can be generalized and/or can be copied elsewhere.

The secretariat is established with the objective of documenting the best practices in reduction of disaster risks before and after occurrence in Asian-Pacific countries, which includes two steps:

- Measurements taken before a disaster strikes with the objective of increasing built-environment resilience;

- Measurements taken in post-disaster construction with developmental approach and with the objective of improving resilience of new physical environment and in fact as an opportunity for pursuing sustainable development.

The themes in line with the objectives of improving resiliency and reduction of disasters’ risks are as the following:

- Measurements on spatial and physical regeneration of built-environment in urban and rural settlements;

- Measurements on improving transportation in urban and rural settlements;

- Measurements on improving infrastructures of water and sewage water and energy in rural and urban settlements;

- Measurements on retrofitting and stabilizing important structures and residential buildings;

- Rules and regulations;

- Management, evaluation and control quality systems;

- Conducted pilot plans with the objective of dissemination and generalization

- Training programs for enhancing general knowledge and technical knowledge in the above mentioned fields.

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